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October 2009


– There was a wardrobe sale at Pinewood Toronto Studios.  I checked it out mainly for an excuse to wander around on the studio lot, but it also gave me a chance to say hi to friend of 416-Film, Adam Smith, who was peddling his wares.  You can check out his cool handy work at

– We have a zombie shot film in the works and, no, it’s not called “It Came from Planet Earth.”  That’s another zombie(ish) film we’re (sort of) working on.  This one is tentatively named “Zombie Surfing.”  Most of it has been shot and we hope to wrap it up next month.  You can see a still from it on the Projects page.

– “Cock-Knockers From Outer Space!” and “A Keychain of Events” were both screen at the Barrie Film Festival.  People seemed to be laughing at the right parts, so it’s good to know that it’s just not us that finds our stuff funny.

Test Shots on ICFPE

Rob as a Zombie in ICFPE Test Footage
Rob as a Zombie in ICFPE Test Footage

The plan was to start shooting “It Came From Planet Earth” in January.  Well, we shot some tests this month, so I guess we’re on schedule.  The image to the left is a composite of a still image of clouds, the graveyard  miniature and a life sized Rob shot on green screen.  We’ve also been doing tests using 3D graphics to extend the miniature sets.  These have been so successful, we’re now thinking of expanding the use of 3D in the project.

– You can see an example of  the set extention tests in the Production Report.

ICFPE – Slowly Moving Forward

It Came From Planet Earth moves forward
It Came From Planet Earth moves forward

The production of “It Came From Planet Earth!” is back up and running again.  Progress on building the miniature elements is moving at a far more rapid pace than before.  Live action shooting is planed for January.  It’ll be fun to see if we can keep a deadline for once.

It Came From Planet Earth in Production

Rob Paul Working on ICFPE sets
Rob Paul Working on ICFPE sets

– Production has begun on a new project called “It Came From Planet Earth!”  It’s directed by Rob Paul and will be an interesting mix of live action and miniature backgrounds.

– You can check out the progress of “It Came From Planet Earth!” in the Production Report section of the forum.

– You may not have noticed, but there was no month of March this year!