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Zombie Surfing Hitting the Film Festival Circuit

Normally we just go straight to the internet but we figured we are going to give this short a little run at some of the festivals out there.

I hope to have some good news over the coming weeks regarding this..with each acceptance I’ll update this post.
So if the post isn’t updated you can just imagine how happy I will be…

We will also be drudging up Book Club and Get A Life for a few festivals…so right now it’s just paperwork and dvd burning time.

Update: 2013

You can check out Zombie Surfing here:

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Team Kung-Fu Gaggle Squad does it again!


Psycho Susie is now completed and available for viewing in the films section!

– We also completed a 24 hour film challenge at Ed Video last month.  The screening is on May 16, when we find out how many awards we’ve won!  Positive thinking, I tells ya.  The film will be posted here after the screening.

– If we manage to complete “Zombie Surfing” this month, this will be the most prolific 30 days we’ve ever had.   …but don’t hold your breath.  We have so many ways to procrastinate.

– The screening for Ed Video’s 24 hour film challenge was the other day, and our team took the prize for Best Picture, just like we did for “Keychain of Events” two years ago. 

-Our offering this time, “ ‘Egypt Me ” had to incorporate the following elements: a relationship in time, the word “set”, and a body of water.  You can check out the flick here.

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October 2009


– There was a wardrobe sale at Pinewood Toronto Studios.  I checked it out mainly for an excuse to wander around on the studio lot, but it also gave me a chance to say hi to friend of 416-Film, Adam Smith, who was peddling his wares.  You can check out his cool handy work at

– We have a zombie shot film in the works and, no, it’s not called “It Came from Planet Earth.”  That’s another zombie(ish) film we’re (sort of) working on.  This one is tentatively named “Zombie Surfing.”  Most of it has been shot and we hope to wrap it up next month.  You can see a still from it on the Projects page.

– “Cock-Knockers From Outer Space!” and “A Keychain of Events” were both screen at the Barrie Film Festival.  People seemed to be laughing at the right parts, so it’s good to know that it’s just not us that finds our stuff funny.

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There was a special zombie walk to celebrate George A. Romero’s new movie “Survival of the Dead” which was screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

We didn’t participate, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab some footage of a couple of hundred zombies wandering through the city in case we could use it in some other production to make it look like we had a budget.

And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.  Some of the footage is already earmarked for insertion into a zombie themed short film we’re currently working on.

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