Fractured – 100 Hour Film Racing

We finished our latest 416film contest recently, this time a 100 hour from writing to submission.

The task was to incorporate a lollipop as a prop, it needs to feature a button being pressed and the theme was broken. Those last two I think we nailed solidly enough, but we droppped the ball on lollipop including it only one shot and even then it being of no consequences to the plow it probably didn’t help us any.

The filme ended up being loaded up with 1 minute and 30 seconds to spare. It would have been earlier but at the first attempt to render the film, Eric decided it was time to take a break from the computer, and like a sitcom character, pulled the plug from the wall with his foot.

So there was a little panic but we were back on track in no time.

With a 100 hours to do this in we went a little overboard on the effects which makes Erics existence much more painful than mine. I was busy with sound and trying to make an interesting title that took way too long for what it is.

It’s done but we want to re-record some audio and make a few minor tweaks to the final version that we didn’t get a chance to implement.

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It’s been a while since the last update.  Six months to be exact.  That might lead one to think there’s nothing happening at 416-Film, and that’s only partly true.

– We’ve been working on getting our feature film project off the ground.  To that end we’ve purchased a RV that plays a large part in the story.  Check out the picture of the fabulous 416-Filmmobile!

– And speaking of feature films, Alex Boothby, co-creator of “Cock-Knockers From Outer Space” is shooting his feature film starting this month.

“Psycho Susie” screened at the Barrie International Film Festival last month.  We didn’t win any awards, but we’re pretty sure we got the largest laughs and biggest applause.

– The holiday season tend to put a big damper on film production, but we have a project in mind for early next year.  So stuff is happening.  Trust me.

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Team Kung-Fu Gaggle Squad does it again!


Psycho Susie is now completed and available for viewing in the films section!

– We also completed a 24 hour film challenge at Ed Video last month.  The screening is on May 16, when we find out how many awards we’ve won!  Positive thinking, I tells ya.  The film will be posted here after the screening.

– If we manage to complete “Zombie Surfing” this month, this will be the most prolific 30 days we’ve ever had.   …but don’t hold your breath.  We have so many ways to procrastinate.

– The screening for Ed Video’s 24 hour film challenge was the other day, and our team took the prize for Best Picture, just like we did for “Keychain of Events” two years ago. 

-Our offering this time, “ ‘Egypt Me ” had to incorporate the following elements: a relationship in time, the word “set”, and a body of water.  You can check out the flick here.

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Psycho Susie

We have another short film in the can.  “Psycho Susie” was shot loosely in the film challenge format. Incorporating some random elements pulled from the internet, the script was written in 4 hours. Shooting was just 9 hours split across two days.  The film is now in post-production, where we tend to spend a lot more time on things.

– The exciting thing is that you’ll see a couple of new faces in this film.  Our casting call last month introduced us to Neil and Emer, who were quite game for our style of film making, and had a lot of fun helping us make this one.

– I’ve made an update to my HDV vs. AVC debate in the forum, HERE.

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March 2010

As expected the holiday season slowed down progress on productions, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening.  Just nothing photo worthy, so excuse the text only update.

– 416-Film is having a talent casting call soon.  We’re looking for actors that share our twisted sense of humour.  Don’t bother submitting your name if you’re interested, we’ve already had a great response and everything is booked.  We can’t wait to see what kind of nut bars show up.

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October 2009


– There was a wardrobe sale at Pinewood Toronto Studios.  I checked it out mainly for an excuse to wander around on the studio lot, but it also gave me a chance to say hi to friend of 416-Film, Adam Smith, who was peddling his wares.  You can check out his cool handy work at

– We have a zombie shot film in the works and, no, it’s not called “It Came from Planet Earth.”  That’s another zombie(ish) film we’re (sort of) working on.  This one is tentatively named “Zombie Surfing.”  Most of it has been shot and we hope to wrap it up next month.  You can see a still from it on the Projects page.

– “Cock-Knockers From Outer Space!” and “A Keychain of Events” were both screen at the Barrie Film Festival.  People seemed to be laughing at the right parts, so it’s good to know that it’s just not us that finds our stuff funny.

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There was a special zombie walk to celebrate George A. Romero’s new movie “Survival of the Dead” which was screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

We didn’t participate, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab some footage of a couple of hundred zombies wandering through the city in case we could use it in some other production to make it look like we had a budget.

And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.  Some of the footage is already earmarked for insertion into a zombie themed short film we’re currently working on.

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Cock-Knockers online!

Here it is. The movie that Thor himself didn’t want you to see. It’s the result of our self imposed 36 hour film making challenge. Well, we did write and shoot it within 36 hours, but took our time with the post production. Rules are meant to be broken… yeah.

Anyway, the randomly produced elements we had to incorporate into the story were:
1) A rubber chicken invasion
2) A romance novel and sleeping bag
3) The line, “Let it rip!”

The first element is probably most responsible for just how stupid this movie is. Luck of the draw I suppose. So check it out. It’s called… ahem… “Cock-Knockers From Outer Space!” It’s in the Films section, HERE. Don’t forget to click on the HD option!.

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Somebody Doesn’t Like Us


Cock-Knockers Struck By Lightning!
Cock-Knockers Struck By Lightning!


Since Ed Video wasn’t hosting a 48 hour film challenge this year, some friends and I decided do a film challenge by ourselves.

24 hours into the project, a lightning strike took out the power to my neighborhood!  We waited around for a while, but we had no idea when the power would come back on.  So we packed it in and scheduled the completion of the challenge for two weeks later. 

Someone obviously doesn’t want you to see this work of genius , but we will prevail and post it next month.  We shall overcome!

We used this site for a random line of dialogue:

And we used this page to generate a random prop and situation:

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