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Fake News – Official Selection At Utah Music VIDEO Awards – 2020

Utah Music Awards
Fake News – Buzz Kings – Official Selection 2020

Very excited to announce our short film/music video “Fake News” for the Buzz Kings has been officially selected for the Utah Music Awards Festival for 2020.

The good news is the festival is still on. The bad news, due to Co-Vid 19 the festival goes virtual. On Sept. 19 the festival will stream LIVE on their Facebook page.  

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Fake News – Guelph Bugle Story

We at appreciate any kind of press release and notice from the media, fake news or not! Here’s one from the Guelph Bugle this past week on our music video for Buzz Kings out of Guelph:



The song is available on all digital download and streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer. You can see the video at or on the band’s YouTube channel, at

Apple Music Link:

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Fake News! Music Video for the Buzz Kings is Live

fn_2020_subway_stillAfter several…several… several months of picking it up and putting it down we are very pleased to announce the music video for Fake News by Buzz Kings is completed.
Live action footage was shot back in June and animation took place mainly over 2019.

magrittes“Fake News” is the first single from the bands upcoming CD TruthLies. The song takes a look at the divisive political times in which we live, and how the 24 hour news cycle amplifies that division.

“Social media and the internet have had a huge effect on the business of news,” says songwriter and guitarist Paul French. “Now that anyone with a blog or a Twitter account thinks that they can call themselves a journalist, it’s become a challenge to know who to believe.”


Buzz Kings is comprised of Andrew Kramer (Lead vocal), Paul French (Guitar, Vocal), Steve Thom (Bass, Vocal) and John Vella (Drums).

Directed, Edited and animated by Rob Paul

Shot by Eric Myles and Rob Paul.

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End Program Music Video

End Program Music Video shoot
End Program Music Video shoot

I helped out with a music video for a band called End Program.  It was pretty wild.  The crowd was nuts.  One of my jobs was to protect the camera operator for stray bodies flying out of the mosh pit.  My feet got nicely trampled.  One of the exciting things about the shoot was that it was shot on the Red camera. (And a GL-1, which these images are from).  We quickly learned a very important lesson about the Red cam.  If you want to know what it is, check out the Production Report here.

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May 2008 – Update

Too Many Erics!
Too Many Erics!


Progress is being made on Ricky Episode 3.  As always you can check out the latest updates in the Production Report.  In fact I just added some info on how to remove green “fringing” from you chroma keys.  Check it out.

– I will be assisting with a co-worker’s project soon.  It’s a heavy metal total rock out music video!  It’s not an official 416-Film project, but I’ll be reporting on it anyway.  The big thing is that it’s going to be shot on the Red camera.  If you don’t know what that is, check it out here.

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