The Month of Pulp Muppets!

Looks like May is going to be the month of the Muppets… Pulp Muppets that is!

– I always thought Pulp Muppets was one of those quirky little movies that could go viral, but after 6 months of very modest traffic on YouTube, I was losing hope.  Suddenly, in just this past week it has exploded all over the Internet.  Just Google it and you’ll see.  So long as the series of tubes that the Internet is constructed from can hold out, we can expect Pulp Muppets to pop up in all sorts of places. For the remainder of this month I’m going to post any Pulp Muppet sightings of note…

– I can’t be sure, but I think what started it all was a list of the top 10 Pulp Fiction Parodies on YouTube posted on 10 Zen Monkeys, April 26.  I don’t know if the list is in any particular order, but thanks for putting us at #1, guys.

Film Threat put this flattering item on their front page:

Aw, you’re making us blush!

– Pulp Muppets will be mentioned in an upcoming issue of Rockstar magazine.

– This one blows my mind.  I don’t even know what it is, ’cause I don’t speak German.  But some hot chick does a web-news piece on Pulp Muppets.  If anyone can translate this for me, I’d love to know what she’s saying.  All I can make out is, “Muppets” and “mit Kermit und Fozzie Bear.”

– I now have a translation of the above German web-news piece.  The previous news piece had something to do with aggressive children, so they used our gun toting images of the Muppets to make this joke…

“By the way: the best way to prevent aggressive behaviour of children is to NOT let them watch violent movies. Most suitable (is to show) only such funny things like the Muppets. For many years this helps best. It is nearly impossible to do anything wrong with (by showing) Kermit and Fozzie Bear (to children). “

Big thanks to Rolf Brandt for the translation.

 – eBaums World has kidnapped Pulp Muppets and is generating more hits than YouTube.

– The chicks seem to really dig Pulp Muppets.  Maria Sansone of Yahoo TV did a news bite raving about the casting.

– Apparently cute(ish) Spanish speaking boys also like Pulp Muppets.  We were mentioned in this web news piece by Telurica TV.


– Local TV station CityTV showed clips, but never bother to mention the name of the video in the Web Bizarre segment of their WebNation show.  But they did give 416film an on screen credit and linked us on their web page.

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