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Penny Saved – Short Shoot for 2012

We had a plan and have managed to avoid following almost every single step of it.

Eric, Sandy (joining us as cinematographer for the first time) and I wandered out to scout some possible locations for this shoot.

UPDATE: Since scouting this location we have discovered it is now under construction…however, we figure we can work around it and get the shots we need, so fingers crossed and wish us luck!

416film Goes High-Def

news_HD416-Film is now the proud owner of a Cannon HV-30 HDV camcorder.  Expect all future projects to be presented in the most astounding resolution free video servers with limited bandwidth have to offer!

– If you’re interested in HDV vs. AVC, and why I chose to go with HDV, check out this little article in the forum.

It’s Our Birthday!

416 Film is one year old!

Pulp Muppets has exceeded half a million views on YouTube alone.  I don’t know how many views it’s generated on other sites, but I suspect it may be greater than the total number of atoms in the universe!

– There are a couple of new projects in development, but they haven’t solidified enough to post them in the Projects section.  But keep checking.

Pulp Muppets on CNN Headline News!

Rob and I have given CNN an interview for Pulp Muppets.  It was aired July 21 & 22 at 12:30pm and 5:30pm EST in a segment called “News To Me”.  We tried to get Wolf Blitzer to host it, but he was very rude to us and asked us to stop calling him at home.  Good news is we managed to get a special guest host and co-CNN anchor Brian Todd agreed to make a “walk on” cameo.   Check it out HERE.

I thought May would be the end of Pulp Muppets, but it just seems to keep coming back for more.  There was a spike in traffic after a link appeared on the front page of IMDB.