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O.G. Critic Goes Live!

Eric is branching out and giving a unique spin on reviewing films. Where he is often in them, or dissecting them. Either way, take a look at his intro to O.G. Critic :

Then like or subscribe! Both is nicer and might get you into Internet Heaven. Speaking of…check out his review for The Good Place as well!

Ok, you watched that?

Well that’s not all! Click below to watch The Evil Within, seriously, check it out…crazy behind the scenes history on this film makes this video entertaining even if you haven’t seen the film.

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Closure – Southern Shorts Merit Awards – Winter 2017

Closure was a departure for 416film but still an interesting film (check it out below).


It recently picked up several Merit Awards from the Southern Shorts Festival including, Actor – Neil Bennett, Actor, Patrick Williamson, Music, Screenwriting and Direction

Closure – Worldwide Film Racing 100 Hour contest – (2016)


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Quietly they helped…

A friend of ours has been working on a website and a series of Trumposaurus videos. (Check them out)

He asked for a little help so we got Lazlo Bienkila out of the grave (apparently he was long dead, the result of a Zamboni incident) and got him to direct the two shorts (The Poopular Vote & Voting Season) below:  There’s supposed to be more coming but hey, give Lazlo a break, he’s been mostly dead for over a decade…it isn’t easy getting back into the directorial seat for a corpse.

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