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Snuffed A Finalist At SoCal 2012

Got a nice little email this morning from the folks over at SoCal Film Fest 2012.

Apparently our screenplay for Snuffed made it to the final round of judging, so we are at least an official selection and a top ten finalist in the feature film screenplay competition.

I’ll update the site when we get told we are beaten by The McSatans, because seriously, how awesome is that title?

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Two Rising Stars? Well, sure, ok…

Eric and I realized we are not going to be shooting Snuffed in 2012 as we had hoped…so we decided, what the hell, let’s submit this little raunchy nasty script to a couple of feature film screenplay contests.

So far, the news hasn’t been horrible…in fact, considering the subject matter…we seem to be doing ok.

2012 Rising Star Screenplay Competition

2012 Rising Star Screenplay Competition

We received Honourable Mention in a Table Read contest and just yesterday received 1 of 10 Rising Star awards in the Feature Screenplay competition out in Vancouver.

There’s still 3 or 4 more screenplay contests to go so hopefully we find someone who really just loves this thing to bits like we do.

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